How to Continue from Here

Congratulations, if you made it this far!

You don't have a running snake game yet, but you learned almost everything you need to know to continue on your own.

Things you can do to continue with the game:


  • a function that clears the grid, so the moving square does not leave a trace.

  • a function that deals with the square moving out of the canvas by either

    • wrapping (the square moves out of the canvas on one side then enters it on the other side again) or

    • restarting the game.

  • the snack for the snake.

  • the snake growing when eating the snack.

  • the snake biting itself leading to a restart of the game.

Things you can do to continue in the future:

  • Form a regular study group!

  • Go to a local Rust MeetUp to get help or learn new things.

  • Check out the book The Rust Programming Language to learn more and get a deeper and systematic understanding of the language.

  • Check out Rust by Example that illustrates various Rust concepts with running code examples.

  • Do Rustlings exercises.

  • Become a RustBridge Teaching Assistant the next time! You don't need to understand everything and you can learn so much when you're explaining things to others.